Here’s what our patients are saying:

My mom’s operation on both eyes was a success from day one to present. Dr. Lin was very good and very thorough. He was nice and patient. The surgeries on the eyes were done very professionally, the healing process was smooth and my mom is happy with the result. Thank you Dr. Lin.
Remedios C. 06/09/17


Yo, Elsa Veas, quiero decir que estoy muy contenta con Dr. Lin. Es muy profesional, simpatico y amable. Yo lo recomendaria con mucho placer, y si en el futuro necesito algo, yo vengo con el. Gracias.

I, Elsa V., want to say I am very happy and pleased with Dr. Lin. He is very professional, sympathetic, and loving, I would greatly recommend him to anyone, and if in the future I would need anything else done, I will come back to Dr. Lin. Thank you.
Elsa V. 06/07/17


Our experience with Dr. Joseph Lin was exceptional starting with his assistant’s. She was very professional and friendly. Dr. Lin was great. This was the best doctor-patient experience I had in years. Keep up the outstanding work.
Edison M. 06/01/17


Dr. Lin is very friendly and treated me excellently. He has excellent surgery techniques and I am extremely happy with my results. Really appreciate him. Thank you.
Soon K. 05/25/17


Dr. was very professional and helpful. Initial surgery was very good as well as following up appointments. Would highly recommend (and I will).
Phuong L. 05/24/17


Dr. Joseph Lin, referente a la cirugia que me hizo en mi ojo izquierdo, le comunico que mi ojo esta muy mejorado, aunque no esta totalmente aliviado, me siento complacido con su trabajo, Gracias.
Miguel G. 05/17/17


Dr. Lin, very professional, easy to talk to, and I felt very comfortable. Simple procedure and all went well. Nice follow up visit. Thank you.
Gary M. 05/17/17


Dr. Lin, I appreciate the experience and outcome. I do want to thank you.
Keith B. 05/17/17


Very good, he did a very good job and he has very good hands for surgery. Recovery was well and Dr. Lin answered all my questions and was very thorough.
Michael A. 05/04/17


Doctor was very informative, patient and took his time to explain everything.
Aida G. 04/20/17


I am very happy and satisfied with the attentive care Dr. Lin provided, He is an excellent provider who did a great job/work on my eyes. Thank you Dr. Lin.
Teresa L. 04/19/17


Yo estoy muy contenta con mi cirugia. Me hiso un buen trabajo. Todo salio bien. El doctor es muy amable y las que le ayuda tambien sobre mis citas me recibian a tiempo y yo recomendaria al doctor a mi familia y amistaes, Gracias.

I am very happy with my surgery, he did a great job. Everything came out great. The doctor is very sweet and his assistants as well. They helped me with my appointments in a timely matter and I would recommend my family and friends to Dr. Lin. Thank you.
Eufrocina C. 04/19/17


Today’s visit to the office of Joseph Lin, M.D. following closely his instructions for proper care and treatment for my betterment and improvement of eye vision, and healing of eye, condition of eyes, and vision has resulted in a more and happy results towards complete and increased expectation of total recuperation with his continued care and medical attention. Dr. Lin’s attention to my medical problem is deeply appreciated.
Mary O. 04/10/17


I was very pleased with the Surgery performed by Doctor Lin.
Richard S. 03/29/17


My experience with Dr. Lin was amazing. I am very happy with the results. Dr. Lin makes you feel very comfortable and confident; he knows what he is doing. Thank you, Dr. Lin for helping me and so many people.
Alejandra C. 03/27/17


My experience with Dr. Lin has been very pleasant. The office was very clean, modern, and comfortable. The assistants were very pleasant, caring, and helpful. I got my appointment right away and had my surgery at the office. One eye seemed to heal quicker than the other. At the 8 week follow up all seemed pretty normal. I would highly recommend Doctor Lin and his staff.
Sally R. 03/23/17


I am very happy with my eye surgery. I can see much better. Thank you Dr. Lin.
Anthony G. 03/23/17


Dr. Lin is always very gracious and gentle to patients. I have known him at the Kaiser through a regular eye checkup and I’ve trusted him since then. So I decided to get both my eyelids lifted. I am very satisfied by his work. His staff is very nice and professional.
(No Signature) 03/09/17


I am very happy with the results of my surgery. Dr. Lin and his staff were very helpful in answering any and all of the questions that I had.
Irene I. 03/09/17


Dr. Lin is extremely professional and caring, covering every aspect of your procedure and treatment. I would absolutely recommend him for any eye problem.
Dorothy M. 03/03/17


My experience with Dr. Lin was wonderful. He is a very excellent surgeon, very caring. He explained to me every aspect of my procedure and I appreciated his explanation. My office visits and surgery day went very smoothly. I had no discomfort after my procedure. I would and have highly recommended Dr. Lin to my family and friends.
Dolores C. 03/02/17


Dr. Lin was very friendly and treated me with details. My problem with my eyelid healed quickly.
Chuan H. 02/27/17


My husband was suffering from detached retina; because of this his eye was shrinking given him severe headaches. We were referred to Dr. Lin by our insurance to perform the surgery to remove his eye and replace it with an implant. Dr. Lin and his staff have been very nice and helpful with any questions or concerns that we had before and after the surgery. I personally was impressed with his job. Even though my husband doesn’t have his own eye, the implant Dr. Lin put in gives my husband the ability to have movement in his eye as if it were his own. Dr. Lin and his staff are very professional, friendly and helpful. We are very grateful for Dr. Lin. After the surgery, my husband’s health, physical and emotional has improved a lot.
We strongly recommend him.
Jeanneth R. 02/22/17


Soy una paciente De Dr. Joseph Lin. Estoy muy satisfecha con los resultados despues de la cirugia de levantamiento de parpados y lineas de expresion realizadas en Noviembre 2016.(pude ver fotos antes y despues)”excelentes resultados” .

I am a patient of Dr. Joseph Lin. I am very satisfied with the results after the eyelid lift and expression lines performed in November 2016. (I could see before and after photos) “excellent results”.
Gloria N. 02/21/17


Dr. Lin and his staff are very professional. They have a way of making you feel very comfortable and at ease. The office is immaculate and very relaxing. As for Dr. Lin, he is one of the finer physicians I’ve been to. The care given is what one would hope for as going to the doctor’s office is not usually a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone without any reservations.
Frank V. 02/16/17


Dear Dr Lin,
I am so pleased with the surgery to my upper eyelids. It is a good feeling of not looking so tired all the time. So, thank you very much!
Lorrain Y. 02/08/17


The office personnel are very polite and courteous. The office is very well kept. Dr. Lin is very well in articulating the process. The surgery went smooth. The follow up visit was excellent!!
Provider is Pittsburgh fan, Big plus!!
Larry B. 01/30/17


Hi my name is Armando and I have the privilege of having been treated by Dr. Joseph L. Lin. He was not only professional, but very kind a one of a kind who will care for his patient and do everything in his power to heal and comfort them. I have nothing but appreciation for him and I will highly recommend him to anybody in need of his services.
Thanks for everything.
Armando S. 01/30/17


I sincerely want to thank Dr. Lin and his staff for taking me in and making me feel comfortable from my very first appointment. For anyone that has any fears or doubts about any kind of eye surgery, rest assured that Dr. Lin knows his (stuff!) profession and is so talented when it comes to restoration. My first visit was to remove a mole from my lower eye lid; a very delicate and sensitive area. I was afraid of any distortion that might occur from this procedure. I followed his direction and was relieved. Dr. Lin is so gentle and precise in every way. When I returned after the next week unfortunately the biopsy resulted with some scary news…it revealed that it was a basil cell carcinoma. Fearing the worst Dr. Lin calmed me down and explained what it was and what choices I had. I had total trust by then that he knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s been only a week since the last procedure and already I can tell that I had nothing to worry about. My eye looks a little swollen, very little bruising. I’m pretty sure that when it’s all healed my eye will look normal as if nothing ever happened. I trust that if I ever need another procedure, I know exactly where I’ll put my faith. I put all my trust in Dr. Lin to take care of me and my situation. I have no regrets and tell anyone that needs anything done that I recommend Dr. Lin and trust him whole-heartedly!!
Thank you Dr. Lin you are the best.
My sincere thanks, P.S. I forgot to mention how much I love your office. Every detail is exquisite and beautiful and peaceful too!
Margie P. 01/24/17


Everything was good. Very nice when came to my appointments. My surgery was good as well. I would recommend this doctor. My eyes are ok now. My vision is better now.
Maria G. 01/11/17


I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Lin and his staff for my right eye (Lazy eye) treatment a few months ago. Generally, I’m not one to seek medical treatment unless I really need to and from the minute I stepped into this office I was treated with immediate attention and care. Dr. Lin and his staff are very professional and care for patients’ needs. I would highly recommend anyone to get treatment at this facility.
Aurora S. 01/09/17


Dr. Joseph Lin is a very sensitive and thorough physician who seems to be extremely well trained and educated. He treats his patients extremely well, and is very considerate, easy to talk to and thorough in educating his patients about their condition. His surgery was excellent. He is as comforting and classy as his beautiful facilities.
Kathy S. 01/05/17


I had been treated by Dr. Lin on my left eye and I feel very happy with his concerns and wonderful medical knowledge.
Thank you again Dr. Lin
Jorge O. 01/05/17


Our experience with Dr. Joseph Lin was an awesome experience. The secretary was FANTASTIC. She is very knowledgeable and a very caring person. She understood our needs and was very helpful. She took good care of me. She made me understand the procedure, made me comfortable and removed my anxious feelings. She did all the necessary paperwork and every time I call her for info or anything I want to ask she was there and answered everything. She is so kind and I love her. Dr. Lin is now my favorite doctor. Extraordinary, very good in making you feel good. So professional, caring, explains everything in detail, procedure, what to expect. He’s always so nice and he’s a good doctor. He gives his time and really listens and made me comfortable and make me feel good emotionally. He did a good job on my eye surgery. He is super. Not enough words can express my deep appreciation for the good service and support they gave me. I highly recommend them.
Louisa S. 12/27/16


Three months ago I saw Dr. Lin for eyelid surgery. Everything went well from the start. I didn’t have any problems with the surgery. The recovery from surgery went well. I’m really happy with my surgery and I will recommend him to all my friends and relatives.
Mona A. 12/13/16


My experience with Dr. Joseph Lin and his staff has been positive. I had upper and lower eyelid surgery a few months ago. The procedure went very well, the healing process was just what Dr. Lin said for me to expect. I am satisfied with the result. I am here today at his clinic for my three month follow up.
Elvira F. 12/05/16


I came to Dr. Lin because I couldn’t see. My peripheral vision was horrible. After my surgery, not only was I able to see but I look younger. My sister was with me and she also wanted a few procedures from Dr. Lin. I’m so happy with the outcome, my face looks so natural. No one knows unless I tell them. I would do this again in a heartbeat.
Frances V. 11/21/16


The four times I have seen Dr. Lin, he has been courteous and thorough. His staff is courteous and professional as well. The facility is cleaned and well organized. I have come to trust Dr. Lin with my ophthalmology needs and highly recommend him.
Vivian C. 11/21/16


Dr. Joseph Lin (California Oculoplastics) is a very kind and attentive doctor. Ever since my injury in July my experience with Dr. Lin has been great. From the beginning to surgery to my last appointment, Dr. Lin has provided excellent service. I would highly recommend Dr. Lin to anyone. Thanks to Dr. Lin and his staff for excellent service.
Irene L. 11/14/16


I have had eyelid issues my entire life. After several surgeries I was finally sent to Dr. Lin. He finally lifted my eyelids to the proper position. It worked out great. I had to follow his procedure carefully after my surgery and now my vision is much better. Dr. Lin and his staff were very helpful. I thank them for getting my vision back.
Esteban M. 10/25/16


Mi nombre es Yolanda y estoy muy agradecida con el Dr. Joseph L. Lin por mi cirugia que hizo en mi ojo izquierdo, es muy buen doctor, apenas si se miraba que me habiahecho algo al otro dia. Pienso que si tuviera que hacerme algo mas en mi cara seria con el.

My name is Yolanda and I am very grateful with Dr. Joseph L. Lin for my surgery done on my left eye. He is a very good doctor; it hardly looked like I had something done right the next day. I think if I had to do something else in my face it would definitely be with him.
Yolanda R. 10/17/16


My visit with Dr. Lin was overall a very comfortable experience. All my questions were answered with ease and I had no problems with the procedure. I highly recommend the office of Dr. Lin for facial reconstruction.
Princess N. 09/19/16


My experience with Dr. Lin went well. Very happy with the doctor and staff, everything was explained to me clearly.
Henry G. 09/15/16


Dr. Lin is a very nice doctor. His assistant is very attentive and very nice. Dr. Lin is very complete in his work my surgery went very well, without pain. I am very satisfied with my outcome of surgery. If anyone is in need of eyelid surgery, I recommend Dr. Lin. Thank you Dr. Lin for everything. I recommend you 100%
Delia M. 08/15/16


I would like to thank Dr. Joseph Lin and his staff. Getting my lower blepharoplasty procedure done by him was the best decision! His knowledge, expertise and regards for his patients, makes him the best in his field. I will be recommending him to friends and family for many, many years to come!
Jhoanny S. 08/01/16


This is to testify about my eye lid surgery. Dr. Lin is a very competent doctor. I had a very good procedure; every step was explained to me by Dr. Lin and staff. I was never in pain. I followed his direction and all went well. I would tell others in need of his care to follow his direction and to trust in him.
Ernest W. 07/28/16


Dr. Lin was very attentive and kind. He took the time to explain his surgical procedure to me and made me feel at ease. I would recommend anyone to him and his office. His office is a must see! Thank you Dr. Lin and staff.
Toyoko O. 06/10/16


Estoy muy agradecida por el excelente servicio y atencion que le dieron a mi hijo Dante B. El Dr. Lin trato a Dante con mucha pacencia y considero en todo momento su condicion de autismo. Nos dio un trato muy humano y calido. Su asistente tambien ha sido muy amable. El procedimiento que le hiscieron a Dante solociono un gran problema que el habia padecido por v arios anos y le ha ayudado a disminuir su ansiedad, y posibles riesgos de danos a sus ojos. Les vuelvo a agradecer de todo Corazon su gran ayuda.

I am very grateful for the excellent service and attention given to my son Dante B. Dr. Lin treated Dante with great patience and he considere d his autism condition at all times. He gave us a very human and warm treatment. His assistant has also been very kind. The procedure done on Dante, fixed a great problem that he had suffered for several years and has helped to reduce his anxiety, and possible risks of damages to his eyes. I thank you again and again for your help.
Laura B. 06/10/16


Dr. Lin and Staff,
Thank you so much Dr. Lin for the successful removal of my cancerous growth on my eyelid. You and your office staff have been very professional and courteous every step of the way! Thank you again for everything!
Alfonso T. 06/10/16


Dr. Lin is very professional and courteous. He performed surgery and did an excellent job. I would recommend him to anyone that requires eye surgery.
Julian A. 06/03/16


My experience with Dr. Lin went very well. The surgery time wasn’t long and my recovery time was fast. I am very content with my results.
Juan G. 05/03/16


Estuve muy mal de miojo y la primera citaestuvo muy bien cuando me atendieron eso fue muy bueno. A la siguiente cita la operacion fue muy buena por eso estoy muy contento que puedo mandar al que se les ofrezca que lo atienda el doctor de los ojos. Pero yo estoy muy satisfecho y contento de todo muchas gracias.

I was very sick of my eye and the first appointment was very good. When I was seen that was very good. At the next appointment the operation was very good. So I am very happy that I can send the one who is offered to attend the doctor of the eyes. But I am very satisfied and glad of all thank you very much.
Jose M. 04/29/16


Dear Dr. Lin,
Thank you so much for the nice job you did on my eyes. I was very pleased with how everything turned out. You and your assistant were very pleasant and made me feel at ease. I especially want to thank Dr. Lin’ s assistant for letting me hold on to her during surgery.
Thank you again,
Yolanda L. 04/04/16


I would like to express my good fortune in coming in contact with Dr. Lin and his staff. I’m very well pleased with everything.

Donald B. 03/23/16


I would like to thank Dr. Lin for his services; he is a very compassionate doctor, a true craftsman, an artist with his hands. He did a marvelous job removing the cysts from the corner of my eyes, leaving no scars. He is conscientious, reasonable and accommodating to the patient’s schedule. I will highly recommend him to my loved ones and friends. I also would like to thank you for your kindness and accommodating my appointments to a particular schedule. Your offices are impeccable, very nice atmosphere; love the minimalist art in the office.

Karla P. 02/25/16


Dr. Lin is a wonderful and very likable physician. He makes you feel at ease and very comfortable from the very first appointment with him. His assistant is a very caring person and goes out of her way to see that you are taken care of from the very start to the end. I rate Dr. Lin a 10+ for my surgery outcome. I will refer family and friends to Dr. Lin for eyelid and any cosmetic concerns they may have. Thank you Dr. Lin and staff for everything.

Jilla B. 02/22/16


I recently had surgery to correct a droopy eyelid and remove a lesion from the eyelid as well. The surgery was done by Dr. Joseph Lin. He and his staff were extremely courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and professional from the first visit to the Pre-Op, the surgery and Post-Op. They made sure I was comfortable, answered any questions and made me feel at ease. I am very pleased with the results and the appearance after my surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Lin to anyone needing a procedure.

(No Signature) 01/27/16


Dr. Lin did a good job on my eyes; feels good after the surgery. Drooping is gone, makes me see clear and better at the same time. I look and feel a little younger. I would recommend Dr. Lin for his expertise and any work I will plan in the future I will definitely go back to see him.

Carmelita C. 01/21/16


My 91 year old father came to Dr. Lin for necessary eyelid surgery. The surgery was successful and Dr. Lin’s professionalism, care and concern was evident throughout the entire process. He fully informed my father of what to expect before and after his surgery. He even called us at home the evening of the surgery to check up on my dad! I highly recommend Dr. Lin if you are considering eyelid surgery, even if you are an older patient. His work has been exceptional and we thank him for helping our dad to see better once again.

Geri R. 11/13/15


I was very fortunate to had been referred to Dr. Lin through my Kaiser coverage. My experience with Dr. Lin and his staff has been excellent. I have been treated respectfully and professionally every step of the way for my procedure. My procedures were reviewed and explained to me. Dr. Lin and staff followed up with questions by family members caring for me immediately after surgery with prompt returned calls. I am very happy with my experience/treatment by Dr. Lin and would highly recommend him to others.

C.C. 11/13/15


My father Randall had been suffering for a long time with droopy eyelids that blocked his vision. Until we were seen by Dr. Lin, we had a sense of hope to have a successful surgery. Dr. Lin was great at providing a sign language interpreter for all office visits and surgery. Dr. Lin explained step by step how he could help my father. The interpreter provided during surgery was great. Dr. Lin’s assistant Monique was very nice. She called my father on day of surgery and the day after to check-in to see how his condition was and to make sure he was following post-op instructions. Thank you Dr. Lin for everything.

Marie and Randall 11/11/15


From my first office visit, Dr. Lin and his assistant Monique made me very comfortable. His office is very clean. It is always nice to come into an office and to be known, many medical offices don’t remember their patients name. Dr. Lin is very knowledgeable and I am very happy with my surgery results! Thank you Dr. Lin and Monique for everything.

Luis C.


I would recommend Dr. Lin to anyone. He is an amazing doctor and did wonders for my eyes. He stopped the burning and watery eyes. All the treatments he prescribed made all the difference. I plan referring my family and friends.

Julia V.


Dr. Lin is a very punctual doctor with minimum wait time. I was very impressed with his skills. He put me at ease with explaining details of my eye condition and he was very informative with his treatment plans. With this information given, I trusted Dr. Lin with my treatment.

David B.


Dr. Lin is a very understanding doctor and he knows what he is doing. I really feel the operation of my eye was successful. I wish Dr. Lin all the best.

Alice F.


Dr. Lin is a very knowledgeable and is on top of everything. He is a very outgoing doctor, makes you feel very comfortable. I am very pleased with my eye surgery outcome.

Ralph B.


Dr. Lin is a wonderful doctor and man. I rate Dr. Lin at a 100%. My surgery outcome was a good one and my eye condition has been resolved. I will miss coming to see him and staff. Thank you Dr. Lin.

Joann P.


Dr. Lin is a very professional and outstanding doctor. He is a gentle doctor and has a very delicate hand. I am very happy with my eye surgery results. I will definitely refer my friends and family to Dr. Lin.

Sye O.


El Dr. Lin es un excelente medico. El Doctor y su personal son muy profesionales y atentos. Sus habilidades de la cirugia son muy buenas. Mi condicion ha sido resuelto al 100%. Desde mi cirugia, he referido a familia y amigos. Gracias Dr. Lin.
Moreno, M


December 18, 2014 Completely satisfied with the total experience with Dr. Joseph Lin and his West Covina staff.



Dr. Lin is truly an exceptional doctor! I am with Kaiser and they didn’t have an Oculoplastic Surgeon. I had the option to go to UCLA or wait to see if Dr. Lin would be working with Kaiser patients. Because I was a Kaiser patient, it was a longer wait, but I have to say it was more than well worth it! My right eyelid was so swollen it impaired my eyesight. In May of 2014 Dr. Lin worked on both of my eyes. The left eyelid was amazing! The right eyelid still was over the lid. However, Dr. Lin raised my eye up. I had dealt with my eye so long I had no idea that it wasn’t even in alignment. The surgery went great! In May of this year, I was able to have the right eyelid fixed. Dr. Lin’s dedication and making sure you are happy goes above and beyond any other doctor I have ever had! If you need ANYTHING done you will not regret going to him first or even if you didn’t and need something fixed go see him!

Margaret H.


I was referred to Dr. Lin from two of my doctors. I had this large ugly black spot on the side of my face near my eye for years. My first visit at Dr. Lin’s office was excellent. His assistant Monique was very helpful and took the time to help me fill out my forms. Dr. Lin made me feel very comfortable and confident that he would be able to remove my spot. My surgery experience was a great experience, Dr. Lin made me feel comfortable and let me know step by step of the surgery. He played music of my liking and I didn’t feel a thing. You can’t even tell that I even had such a spot on my face. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Lin. I assure you will be happy with Dr. Lin and staff.

Thank you for everything Dr. Lin.

Mr. Rosas


From my first visit with Dr. Lin, I had confidence in him.  He is a very caring doctor and listened to what I had to say.  He wasn’t like a lot of doctors who don’t take the time to listen to what patients have to say.

I knew that he would fix my eye problem.  My surgery was an great experience.  He made me feel comfortable and at ease the day of surgery.  Dr. Lin did an excellent job in fixing my eye.  His nurse Monique was great too with me with her caring way.  They make a good team.  I wish Dr. Lin the best.
Mrs. Jimenez


After an eye exam by my Optometrist (and friend), I was referred to Dr. Joseph Lin because I complained about a growth on my right eyelid that would not go away but seemed to continue to slowly grow. Me not wanting to go the way of Beauty and the Beast (me becoming the beast) my spouse made the appointment at his West Covina office and I arrived on time.

Upon entering the office I immediately sensed professionalism and care for me personally. The environment was clean, uncluttered, and absolutely under control. His staff was very friendly, welcomed me, and even happily assisted me with paperwork.

After a brief wait in the Consultation Room, Dr. Lin entered. He gave me time to explained my concern and listened attentively. There was not a hint of condescension but of genuine concern. After his exam, I was relieved to learn that it was a known condition* and that he could address it in his office.

Up to the time of the procedure my fear was gone but I was still a little nervous. He and his staff acknowledged and understood completely. I was provided music to my liking and was comforted throughout the procedure with information about what was happening (but not too much [smile]) and physical reassurance. I felt no pain.

After the procedure I was provided specific instruction to facilitate healing. A week later and after a follow-up appointment, I am completely satisfied and am back to my confident self- my confidence was stifled because of this condition and I learned that kids can be brutal when they see abnormalities on a face. :(

Not only would I recommend Dr. Lin to a friend, but also to family, and of course should the need arise again I would definitely revisit Dr. Lin and his staff.

Forgive my relatively long review but I feel that a Dr. and staff of this caliber deserves more than “They were great!”. For someone needing facial medical treatment or cosmetic surgery I highly recommend meeting with Dr. Joseph Lin.

*Eyelid growth – not a stye but a Chalazion.

Steve R.


Dr. Lin has always provided me with exceptional bedside manner.  His reception and exam rooms are always beautiful.  His staff is always friendly, helpful and professional.  It’s a pleasure to come to my appointments and have minimum or no wait time.

I had upper eyelid surgery on both eyes.  Dr. Lin did an excellent procedure on me.   My surgery experience was the best I’ve ever experienced.  He made me feel comfortable and at ease with music and he kept me informed step by step.

I would like to thank Dr. Lin for the best service I’ve ever received from any doctor.

Jose A.


“Hello Dr. Lin,
My name is Millie O. You did some minor surgery on my right eye that was continually watering up and dripping. The recovery was great however, my eye continued to tear up many weeks after the surgery. You continued to assure me that it would take time but, the problem would eventually go away. I can now tell you that you were exactly right! I followed your directions for the continued care and I am now so thankful that I did have the corrective procedure. From the bottom of my heart, I want to extend my sincere thanks for providing me this corrective surgery. I also want to thank you for your understanding and guidance during my recovery. NO MORE right eye tearing!!!!

Again, thank you,
M. O.”

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Dearest Dr. Lin,

On the behalf of my sisters, I wish to express our gratitude for the “TLC” and personal attention you’ve given to my mother.  I am quite certain that you provide the same to all your patients, a rare professional trait these days. I commend you for this as I’ve seen how other professionals tend to minimize the concerns of their elderly patients through my church ministry. I hope to meet you one day although it was truly a pleasure speaking with you over the phone. My mother is like a new person, the marvels of good eyesight. I wish you continued success in all your endeavors and good health to you and your entire family.