Asian Blepharoplasty

About half of all Asians are born without an upper eyelid crease (“single eyelid”) while the other half are born with an upper eyelid crease (“double eyelid”). The eyelid crease, when present, can be broken or continuous, partial or complete, nasally-tapered, parallel, or multiple, in contrast to classic semi-lunar shape of Caucasian upper eyelids. The shape and the eyelid corners (canthus) of Asian eyelids are also different from Caucasian eyelids.

The goal of Asian blepharoplasty should be to be achieve a natural, symmetric result and preserve the Asian features of the eyelid, with or without formation of a “double eyelid”, as desired by the patient.

What is Asian Blepharoplasty? by oculoplasticsurgeon