Revisional Eyelid Surgery

The eyes may be the most distinguishing feature of a person’s face. The goal of good cosmetic surgery, first and foremost, is to maintain health and function; and then to provide an improved and natural appearing outcome. Too many times cosmetic eyelid surgery results in an “operated look” or with visual problems.

The best way to reduce the risk of these occurrences is to have surgery performed by the best-trained and most experienced surgeon. In this area it is clearly an ophthalmic plastic surgeon.

Dr. Joseph Lin is a prominent and well-respected specialist in this field. Much of the cosmetic procedures he performs are aimed at addressing problems associated with previous surgery with unsatisfactory results or ones which have not met an individual’s expectations. We call these procedures revisional surgeries, and they include: revisional blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid lifts), revisional browlifts, revisional midface lifts, revisional canthoplasty (surgery on the outer or inner corners of the eyelids). As a wide spectrum of unexpected results can occur from eyelid surgery; Dr. Lin has seen and operated on almost all combinations of eyelid problems.