Eyebrow Lift (Forehead Lift)

Brow shape differs between males and females; males have relatively minimally arching brows that rest right above the bone of their orbit.   Females tend to have a more dramatic arch to their brows (especially laterally) and they tend to rest above the bone of their orbit. With age, the shape and position of the brows changes.   For these differences, Dr. Lin views the brows and their treatment very differently among males and females.   Not all patients benefit from brow ptosis repair even if their brows may suggest some mild droop to them in position.   Overcorrecting a brow can often result in an “overdone” surgical appearance and the surgeon needs to work closely with the patient to educate them about the expectations and results from a brow lift.

There various types of brow lifting endoscopic, temporal, brow pexy, and a direct brow lift.