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I Felt Comfortable the Whole Time

My experience at California Oculoplastics was one of the best experiences I've had in a while. The staff was extremely helpful and they were genuinely concerned with my comfort and well being. They made me feel welcomed. They offered kind suggestions but did not force my decision-making in any way. Everybody was so friendly and polite. I felt comfortable the whole time I was there. They were the best!
- L.G.

Friendly, Professional, & Very Attentive

Dr. Lin and her staff are the most awesome Ophthalmology crew on the planet. Friendly, professional, and very attentive to patient's needs and concerns. These are just a few of the delightful adjectives I would use to describe their service. If you have been referred to California Retina, then someone truly loves you.
- Maurice N.

I Feel Alive Again!

My experience at California Oculoplastics was excellent. Very satisfied. The doctor explains very well, very patient, and accomodating with follow up appointments. I would recommend Dr. Lin to any of my friends. Prior to surgery, I felt my eyes looked heavy and dead. Now I feel alive again!
- O.D.

The Best Care with Dr. Lin

I feel like I am in the best care with Dr. Lin. I have many types of specialty doctors regarding my health problems and I want the best care that I can get. I think she is a very caring doctor.
- G.W.

An Amazing Doctor

Dr. Lin is an amazing doctor. She fixed my very difficult eye problem. She is a joy to have as an eye Dr. I actually look forward to my visits and I am not one that feels comfortable at doctor’s offices. I would recommend her to everyone that has problems with their retina.
- K.W.

Best Quality of Care

Excellent experience! Dr. Lin provides very personalized medical care. I was an emergency patient, in that I needed immediate care and surgery. Dr. Kristie Lin provided that within hours on a holiday weekend and then provided extensive and excellent follow-up care. Dr. Kristie Lin is a very caring person, extremely knowledgeable, and tries to get to know the overall health of her patient so that she is able to provide the best quality of care possible.
- W.R.

Clean, Modern, & Comfortable

My experience with Dr. Lin has been very pleasant. The office was very clean, modern, and comfortable. The assistants were very pleasant, caring, and helpful. I got my appointment right away and had my surgery at the office. One eye seemed to heal quicker than the other. At the 8 week follow up, all seemed pretty normal. I would highly recommend Dr. Lin and his staff.
- S.R.

So Professional & Caring

Our experience with Dr. Joseph Lin was an awesome experience. The secretary was FANTASTIC. She is a very knowledgeable and very caring person. She understood our needs and was very helpful. She took good care of me. She made me understand the procedure, made me comfortable, and removed my anxious feelings. She did all the necessary paperwork and every time I call her for info or anything I want to ask she was there and answered everything. She is so kind and I love her. Dr. Lin is now my favorite doctor. Extraordinary, very good in making you feel good. So professional, caring, explains everything in detail, procedure, what to expect. He’s always so nice and he’s a good doctor. He gives his time and really listens and made me comfortable and make me feel good emotionally. He did a good job on my eye surgery. He is super. Not enough words can express my deep appreciation for the good service and support they gave me. I highly recommend them
- L.S.

I Am Satisfied with the Result

My experience with Dr. Joseph Lin and his staff has been positive. I had upper and lower eyelid surgery a few months ago. The procedure went very well, the healing process was just what Dr. Lin said for me to expect. I am satisfied with the result. I am here today at his clinic for my three months follow up.
- E.F.

I'm So Happy with the Outcome

I came to Dr. Lin because I couldn’t see it. My peripheral vision was horrible. After my surgery, not only was I able to see but I look younger. My sister was with me and she also wanted a few procedures from Dr. Lin. I’m so happy with the outcome, my face looks so natural. No one knows unless I tell them. I would do this again in a heartbeat.
- F.V.

Above & Beyond

Dr. Lin is truly an exceptional doctor! I am with Kaiser and they didn't have an Oculoplastic Surgeon. I had the option to go to UCLA or wait to see if Dr. Lin would be working with Kaiser patients. It was a very long wait but I have to say it was more than well worth it! My right eyelid was so swollen it impaired my eyesight. In May of 2014, Dr. Lin worked on both of my eyes. The left eyelid was amazing! The right eyelid still was over the lid. However, Dr. Lin raised my eye up. I had dealt with my eye so long I had no idea that it wasn't even in alignment. The surgery went great! In May of this year, I was able to have the right eyelid fixed. Dr. Lin's dedication and making sure you are happy goes above and beyond any other doctor, I have ever had! If you need ANYTHING done you will not regret going to him first or even if you didn't and need something fixed go see him!
- Margaret H.
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