Why Wearing Safety Glasses is Essential in the Workplace

March 9, 2023
By cafacialplastics.com

March marks Workplace Eye Wellness Month, a month-long reminder to protect our eyes at work. With data from the American Academy of Ophthalmology showing that we can prevent 90% of work-related eye injuries with proper safety gear, all employees must ensure they wear the appropriate eye protection while on the job. This blog post will go over why wearing safety glasses is so important and what some of the most common workplace eye injuries are.

Why Wear Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses protect workers’ eyes from particles, chemicals, liquids, and light radiation. They also protect against impacts from tools and machinery, as well as glare from bright sunlight or reflections off polished surfaces. Safety glasses come in various styles and materials, including polycarbonate lenses which provide impact resistance and UV protection. Many types of protective eyewear also come with an anti-fog coating for added convenience.

Common Workplace Eye Injuries

The most common workplace eye injuries include abrasions (or scratches) to the cornea, chemical burns, blunt trauma (from debris or tools), and ultraviolet radiation exposure.

  • Abrasions can occur when metal chips or dust particles get lodged in the eye.
  • Chemical burns result when hazardous chemicals come into contact with unprotected eyes.
  • Blunt trauma occurs when objects like metal shards or wood chips strike a worker’s face.
  • Ultraviolet radiation exposure can occur when working outdoors without adequate protection from sunlight or other sources.

When these accidents occur, seeking treatment as soon as possible is essential to avoid long-term damage to vision health. Moreover, being mindful of potential hazards in the workplace can help reduce the risk of injury before it occurs. Keeping an eye out for potential dangers like flying debris or sharp objects is essential for maintaining a safe work environment – especially where safety glasses are required!

The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes

Protecting your eyes at work cannot be overstated; workers can prevent 90% of work-related eye injuries if they wear safety glasses! From abrasions and chemical burns to blunt trauma and UV radiation exposure, not wearing protective eyewear while working on job sites or around hazardous materials can lead to numerous risks. Taking preventive measures such as looking for potential dangers or wearing polycarbonate lenses can help prevent serious injury should an accident occur.

So this March, let’s pledge to make Workplace Eye Wellness Month a true success by safeguarding our vision whenever we enter our place of employment – no matter what job we’re doing!

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