Scleral Buckling Surgery

Scleral Buckling Surgery in Pasadena, California

A Low-Risk Surgery for Retinal Detachments

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Scleral buckling surgery is a type of eye surgery that is commonly used to correct a detached retina and restore vision. We can perform this procedure at California Oculoplastics and Retina in order to repair the detached retina and help to restore vision. Your retina is located at the back of the eye and contains light-sensitive cells, rods, and cones. The brain uses the signals from the retina to interpret what is being seen.

A retinal detachment occurs when part of the retina detaches from the inner wall of the eye. It is especially important to treat this issue early, as it can result in permanent vision loss if left untreated. Risk factors for detachments include aging, family history, nearsightedness, previous eye surgery, and previous eye injury.

During a scleral buckling surgery, a freezing instrument will be used to seal the retina back together, and a mechanism called a scleral buckle is used to hold the retina in place. In other words, a piece of silicone plastic or sponge that is sewn onto the sclera at the site of a retinal tear and pushes the sclera towards the retinal tear. Over time, scarring will seal the tear and the buckle will hold the retina against the sclera until that point as well as prevent fluid leakage, which could cause further retinal detachment. There are some risks that can be associated with this procedure, but we will walk you through those at your appointment and make sure that you receive the best care possible to minimize these risks. We will not perform any procedure without being sure that it is the best option for our patient.

If a scleral buckling is deemed necessary for your retinal detachment, you can rest assured that we are taking the proper precautions in order to lessen your risk of infection. Additionally, it is typically a cost-effective procedure that does not inflict excessive discomfort or recovery time upon the patient. Our team will work to make sure the treatment is as comfortable as possible and produces long-lasting, effective results.

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