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The loss of an eye can be devastating. A prosthetic eye is important to feel better about your appearance. An experienced oculoplastic surgeon like Dr. Lin understands the needs of this procedure; orbital volume augmentation by implant or fat grafts, upper eyelid ptosis surgery and lower eyelid tightening (ectropion surgery) with canthoplasty may be needed for rehabilitation of the eye socket for an optimum cosmetic outcome.

Benefits of Getting a Prosthetic Eye

Getting a prosthetic eye offers several benefits, including:

  • Restored Appearance: A prosthetic eye can improve facial symmetry and restore a natural appearance, enhancing the individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improved Comfort: Prosthetic eyes are custom-made to fit the individual’s eye socket, providing comfort and ease of movement, minimizing irritation and discomfort.
  • Enhanced Functionality: While a prosthetic eye does not restore vision, it can help maintain proper eyelid and socket function, preventing issues such as eyelid sagging and facial muscle atrophy.
  • Emotional Well-being: By providing a natural-looking eye, a prosthetic eye can help individuals adjust to the physical changes, facilitating emotional healing and acceptance after eye loss.
  • Customization: Prosthetic eyes are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for customization to match the remaining natural eye and achieve a seamless and realistic appearance.

What to Expect From Prosthetic Eye Surgery

Prosthetic eye surgery, also known as enucleation or evisceration, involves the removal of a damaged or diseased eye and the placement of a prosthetic eye to restore facial symmetry and appearance. Here is what to expect from the surgery:

  • Pre-operative Evaluation: Your ophthalmologist will conduct a thorough examination and discuss the procedure, addressing any concerns or questions you may have.
  • Anesthesia: The surgery is performed under general anesthesia to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the procedure.
  • Eye Removal: Depending on your specific case, the surgeon will remove the affected eye, preserving the eye muscles and other structures for the placement of the prosthetic eye.
  • Prosthetic Eye Fitting: A custom-made prosthetic eye will be fitted and placed in the eye socket, designed to match the size, shape, and color of your remaining natural eye.
  • Recovery and Follow-up: Following the surgery, you will receive post-operative care instructions and medications to manage any discomfort. Regular follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor the healing process and ensure the proper fit and function of the prosthetic eye.

Our Pasadena ophthalmologists will provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the surgical process, addressing any concerns and helping you adapt to the changes after the procedure.

If you are seeking assistance with prosthetic eyes, a qualified oculoplastic surgeon like Dr. Joseph Lin can help. Call (626)653-9395 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation in Pasadena, West Covina, Whittier, and Pomona.

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