Treatment for Orbital Trauma in Pasadena, California

Reconstructive Procedures for Injuries Around the Eye

At California Oculoplastics and Retina, we are able to treat patients who have suffered from periorbital and facial trauma. The periorbital region is the area around the eyes. Two common types of orbital trauma are orbital fractures and eyelid lacerations. An orbital fracture occurs when one or more of the bones around the eyeball break. These injuries are often sports-related, and can be caused by a hard blow to the face with a softball or baseball.

Symptoms of orbital fractures include blurry vision, bruising around the eyes, swelling of the forehead, swollen skin under the eye, numbness in the injured side of the face, blood in the white area of the eye, difficulty moving the eye, a flattened cheek, intense cheek pain, and bulging or sunken eyeballs. At your appointment, we will measure these symptoms to determine the severity of the injury and the best way to move forward. Small fractures might be able to be treated with an individualized regimen of ice, decongestants, and antibiotics. For more severe fractures, reconstructive surgery might be necessary. We understand that surgery can be an intimidating prospect, but if it is necessary, you will be in good hands with our team. When it comes to orbital fractures, surgery has numerous benefits, including the ability to remove bone fragments, free trapped eye muscles to eliminate double vision, restore the structure of the periorbital area, and repair any abnormalities that the trauma might have caused.

As far as eyelid lacerations, which are cuts to the eyelid that are caused by injury, they are most common in children and are often caused by dog bites and handlebar injuries. Your eyelids play an essential role in protecting the eyes. For this reason, an eyelid injury requires the hand of a skilled expert in order to repair the area with fine attention to detail. Eyelid lacerations are often accompanied by other injuries, including corneal abrasions, disruption of the lacrimal drainage system, foreign bodies, open globe, and orbital fractures. In repairing your eyelid laceration, we will remove any foreign materials, reconstruct the eyelids as necessary, and make the necessary repairs with great precision in order to produce the best possible outcome for your eyelids.

Periorbital trauma can present in a variety of ways depending on the severity and type of injury. The area surrounding the eye is often highly sensitive, making trauma here particularly painful. When you make an appointment with us, we will carefully examine the area and determine the type of injury as well as the best way to move forward with treatment. Receiving a reconstructive treatment from an experienced oculoplastic surgeon is the best way to address these injuries and help you find long-lasting healing.

If you are struggling with ocular trauma, call our office today at (626) 653-9395 or contact us online. Visit our offices in Pasadena, West Covina, Whittier, and Pomona.

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